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2013 FSA DS: Hold Yer Horses!

For another six days...

Just a quick note, the FSA Directeur Sportif competition will open on Monday, February 4 -- in a mere six days! That morning you will find all the details you could possibly hope for, but if this concept is a little murky to you, know the following for now:

  • The FSA Directeur Sportif is our year-long fantasy game open to all Podium Cafe registered members.
  • The game is sponsored by Full Speed Ahead, makers of many awesome components and wheels and sponsors of teams like Cannondale, Movistar, etc. They joined us in 2012 and are back for 2013. Prizes will be even cooler than last time!
  • This game is really dialed in. We've been at it for some six years, and fully automated over at the game website for three years now. There's a men's game and a women's game. It lasts all season. It rocks. And it's still free.
  • Interested in learning more? Rules are here.

We are still dialing in final details leading up to Monday's launch. Feel free to poke around at the game site and look over rider info and calendar dates as they come on line. Right now the women's price list is up, as is the women's calendar. If you see any errors, please alert me, Jens or tedvdw. Best bet is in comments or email me: chris[at]