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Ladies Tour of Qatar Stage 2 LIVE

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Camel Race Track - Al Khor Corniche 96 km

A rare oppportunity to see live women's racing as Al Jazeera brings coverage to the women's season opener in Qatar. Yesterday saw the first selection and Hitec's Chloe Hosking put herself in the racelead. Today the cards will be reshuffled in the crosswinds and we'll see which of the riders who were up front yesterday can stay up there today as well.

Podiumcafe Dainty Ladylike Tip: Ellen van Dijk

If the one dutch powersprinter doesn't do it, let's gamble on the other.

Official site , Stageinfo , Startlist

Live video: 12:00 CET (22:00 AUS EDT , 06:00 US EST)

Video: Al Jazeera ,( Steephill , Sports-Livez , Cyclingfans , Procyclinglive)