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Tom Meeusen named in doping investigation; booted from Rome WC selection

Tom Meeusen has been booted from the Belgian world cup selection for Sunday's race in Rome, as he is named in a doping investigation. Tu quoque, cyclocross?

Tom Meeusen.
Tom Meeusen.
Balint Hamvas (

The Belgian cycling federation thinks the investigation's serious enough to kick Meeusen from the team. Tommeke himself says he's innocent. He's not named as a suspect, but he paid a visit to a doctor who is.

I am part of a doping investigation but I have nothing to hide and I AM NOT A CHEATER !!!!!!

"Tom is part of an investigation into a doctor", says his manager Hans van Kasteren to Sporza. "He paid a visit to a doctor and that's why he's part of this. He's definitely not a suspect in a doping investigation, because then he'd be suspended, by both the federation and the team. It's just he'll be heard by a magistrate (openbaar aanklager) of the court next week. It's a drastic decision keeping him out of the world cup-selection, but the federation has to obey the laws of the UCI", so says Van Kasteren to Sporza.

Jos Smets, director of the cycling federation, also tells Sporza that Meeusen isn't currently suspended. "Because he is mentioned in an investigation involving doping practices, we are obligated to keep him from the world cup selection. Maybe it's a harsh punishment, but that's the rule we've used for years."