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Techs-Mechs: Quick Chips 'n Dip Edition

Mo' CHROME, plus a couple Kickstarter Curiosities

Drew Hallowell

But first, a little something to whet your appetite...

OK, that's the sickest thing ever. For now. When Peter Sagan does an inverted flip over a canyon on his Cannondale, I'll... I'll... He's going to do this, isn't he?

OK, first, a word from our friends at CHROME. I pass on lots of words from them, and you can tune in or out as you see fit. As gear companies go, their signature messenger bags are handmade in Chico, CA, not outsourced, and their lines of bags are both functional and fashionable.

Anyway, the latest wrinkle on their awesome line of bags is the BLCKCHRM line, a seismic shift in material choice.


Here's how they put it:

The exterior of each bag is constructed with Hypalon, originally created to meet the needs of U.S. Coast Guard rescue rafts. Hypalon has a refined stealth look and feel and can withstand the elements of the city. Hypalon will show wear, making the bag uniquely identifiable to the owner. Each bag is lined with black on black digi camo military-grade truck tarpaulin and has full-grain leather panels. Our Winged-Lion is de-bossed on full-grain leather and finishes each bag. Each BLCKCHRM™ bag has a pocket lined with soft woven nylon to protect valuable items. Herringbone webbing and rubber-coated hardware keep things in place.

I get that tinkering with material isn't too newsy by itself, but the idea of a bag that gets scuffed up is very cool. Remember, I grew up watching hockey, and I'm old, which means I once thought this was a great concept:


And those are only mock-scuffs. Anyway, my Bravo Night bag is still the item of choice in the family, and if the BLCKCHROM Bravo (the upright roll-top in the center, between the Sotnik and the Citizen) is a USCG-grade version of the Night, then it has my blessing.

Next, I've been asked to pass on word that the Ruckus Carbon Access Tool Kickstarter campaign is drawing to a close. Remember this? They've exceeded their goal and will be moving forward with production of their adorable (and adored, from what I hear) key tool. But the campaign has two days to go, so if you want to be an investor, now's your chance. Not that I am giving investment advice, mind you. History is written by the winners, whereas I write this website. Do the math. Still, you can pitch in $1 to become a backer. The next x number (currently 120) of people to pledge $25 or more will get a Carbon Access Tool; as will all investors pledging $30 or more. For $10 they'll send you a bidon.

Speaking of bidons, over at Ruckus's retail area you might do even better, because...

[What? Is that Joe Biden's entrance music?]

Yes! It's the Biden Bidon!


Nothing brings the Ruckus to the Ladees like something with VPOTUS Joe Biden's face on it. Add in the clever (and French) play on "bidon" and you've got quite a return already on your $10 investment. Not sure why you want Biden on your Bottle? Go here.