Podium Café Secret Santa 2013 - want to play?

For the last two years, PdCers have been having our own Secret Santa competition, where everyone who plays gets allocated another PdC member to send a surprise gift to - and we have a grand reveal where we open them together. You can see the sort of thing people have sent/received before in the 2011 reveal post and the one from last year. It's a nice opportunity to send and receive a lovely present, and get something from a stranger - happiness!

Gifts should be cheap - costing around €13/£11/US $17/Aus $18 - but of course you can choose to spend less, or make something by hand, or re-gift something you already have that you think your Santee might like. And given that postage costs can add up, you can opt to only be given someone on your own continent/in your country (let me know that when you sign up)

If you'd like to play, email your real name and postal address and PdC name to prowomenscycling at gmail dot com by 12 noon CET Wednesday 13th November, and I'll send you the details of your victim giftee that day. Put Secret Santa in the title so I don't get confused!

This is open to absolutely every Podium Café person, whether you're a long-time regular, a brand-new member, or a lurker who's never, ever posted. Big thanks to tgsgirl who started this in 2011 - it's always so much fun seeing the clever things other PdCers thought of sending