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CX Hasselt... LIVE

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CX is coming home! Well, it's coming to my home at least.


The race takes place around the municipal swimming pool, and ever since its inception I've been hoping that they include the big yellow slide in the race rather than just ride a big loop around it. Really, I'd make the best cx races. This may not be the most interesting one on the calendar - but the organisers try to add as many obstacles as possible and really there's something fun about watching the pros ride up that hill that seemed so big when you were six, watch them skirt the pond on the wrong side if they're trying to find the best make-out spot (they probably aren't). Also, insider hint: the plants by the tennis courts right behind where they exit the pool area contain itching powder and can be used to distract competitors.

Remember, the BPost series is the one that runs on time, not points. Current GC after two races:

1. Sven Nys in 1u56'07"
2. Niels Albert op 45"
3. Klaas Vantornout 1'13"
4. Thijs van Amerongen (Ned) 1'48"
5. Philipp Walsleben (Dui) 1'50"
6. Tom Meeusen 2'05"
7. Marcel Meisen (Dui) 2'57"
8. Julien Taramarcaz (Zwi) 3'15"
9. Bart Aernouts 3'21"
10. Twan van den Brand (Ned) 3'40"
11. Rob Peeters 4'00"
13. Kevin Pauwels 4'31"

Local weather report: cold, dry, cold, grey, cold. Just above freezing cold.