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CX by night - Kalmthout Avondcross, live!!

It's floodlit CX, in a standalone race that's streamed live on Vier! Later than normal - the race starts at 17:30 CET, 4:30 UK and 11:30 USA EST

Here's the stream:

and here's how gs described it:

A new race, in the dark like Gieten. Standalone. I have no idea what it's going to be like. The website doesn't teach us much, but the region is similar to Zonhoven (probably without the pit though), and Mol (where Tombo's charity race is, and where the Belgian nationals where last year when KVT ran to victory).

Let's find out what happens together!  As always, conversation in the comments - and if you've never watched CX, or talked on the Café, please join in!