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Storming the citadel! 2013 Namur World Cup - live!

One of the very best cyclocross courses of the year - and we get to see the women's and men's races live, with English commentary from Ant McCrossan - and if you missed it, the same video will be the archive, as soon as the race is over. Join us for conversation in the comments.

Women's race: 13:30 CET

Men's race: 15:00 CET

gsgirl's description:

The closest cyclocross comes to mountainbike is the Namur World Cup. It's around the citadel of Namur, and races around the citadel rarely disappoint. It's like a magical place of really good pure cycling. The inclines on the hills of WC Namur are very steep, both going up and coming down. They're also very technical, so to win a supercombo of skill and power will be required. Amongst the highlights of the season for me, this one.

Here's the course:



The video's at the top of the post!

Photo: Marianne Vos, Namur 2012 - photo used with kind permission of Balínt Hamvas - original here