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Merry Crossmas - Heusden-Zolder World Cup, LIVE!!!

How do cyclocross riders spend their Christmas holidays? Getting ready for races! It's Boxing Day, so it's a big race - the fifth round of the UCI World Cup, with both the women's and men's races live on the UCI Youtube stream. If you missed them, don't worry, the full races are archived there afterwards - and if it's geo-restricted in your country, look to the comments. Join us there as we chat through the race!

Women's race: 13:30 CET (12:30 UK,7:30am USA EST, 11:30pm Aus AEDT)
Men's race: 15:00 CET (2pm UK, 9am USA EST, 1am Aus AEDT)

Here's how gsgirl described the race in her excellent CX calendar:

It's appropriate somehow, that the day after Christmas the peloton rides on holy ground. The area around the little chapel atop the hill is sacred, silent ground, so no spectators are allowed. The chapel is in the middle of a hilly pine forest, and since it's the end of December we could very well have a snow race on our hands. Which is kinda awesome.

There'll be all kinds of useful stats and factoids and graphics of the men's race, on Sporza's Zolder Match Center and here's the map of the course, from the race website:


Here's the startlist - on the women's side, can Marianne Vos, on her second race back since her operation, do better than her second place in Namur and win her fifth title here? Or will Katie Compton continue to crush the World Cup and win, like she did in 2010? And for the men, will Lars van der Haar keep his series lead? And has Sven Nys left his bad luck behind? Nys won last year, giving him three titles here in total, but Kevin Pauwels won in 2009 and 2010 - has he overcome his illness?

So many questions! Isn't winter cross great?