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Ladies Tour of Qatar Stage 4 LIVE

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Sealine Beach Resort - Doha Corniche 86.5 km

Shorter stage with all to play for. An impressive looking Kirsten Wild has a slim 3 second lead over Hosking who will have to pull off something extraordinary to claw those seconds back. The Oricas are still vowing not to give up trying to rip the race apart and they have one last chance. Could be a cracker of a stage.

Podiumcafe Dainty Ladylike Tip: Kirsten Wild

Only a crazy person would bet against Wild after her display of strength these last two stages. Hmmm, maybe I should have gone with Gracie Elvin ....?

Official site , Stageinfo , Startlist

Live video: 12:00 CET (22:00 AUS EDT , 06:00 US EST)

Video: Al Jazeera ,( Steephill , Sports-Livez , Cyclingfans , Procyclinglive)