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Cross Worlds: All races moved to Saturday

Breaking news from Louisville. Due to risks of flooding on Sunday all races will be moved to Saturday instead.

Patrick Verhoest

This means that it will be a compact schedule tomorrow. The Juniors will start at 09:45, followed by the Elite Women at 11:00, U23 Men at 12:30 and Elite Men at 14:30. All races will still be broadcast on the UCI's youtube channel, various websites, and at least Sporza in television land.

With the Beargrass Creek expected to flood on Sunday the lower-lying levels of the course are in threat of coming under water. The event organizers are saying that all Sunday tickets will be honored on Saturday according to

More updates as we get details during the day.

Update 1: Work crews have been laying sandbags by the course since yesterday, which may be the only reason racing can still occur at the venue on Saturday. The course may be closed for pre-ride today, which has made a number of riders upset as that would leave everyone with a maximum of one day to scope out the parcours (yesterday) and some riders with no chance to.

This sort of flooding has happened once before in recent memory, in April of 2011. Fortunately, the season was long since over, but it offers a glimpse of what things may be like Sunday. Pictures from then are in a cyclocross magazine story on the flooding (linky), though they show flooding after more severe weather than has been seen recently.