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The penultimate Superprestige: hello Hoogstraten!

Yesterday we had the penultimate Bpost race, today we move on to Superprestige, where Sven Nys is on a quest for his twelfth SP overall.

Balint Hamvas (

Yes, twelfth.

10: Hoogstraten (SP)

Type: grassland, hills
Previous podium: Meeusen, Pauwels, Nys
TV: VIER, 15h

They should really save some of the crazy races for the end of the season. Cause Hoogstraten is another normal one with grassland and hills, you know the drill. It's not entirely uninteresting though, the hills are steep enough to invite attacks on them, which is good. It could do with just a smidgeon more madness.



1. Sven Nys 83 ptn
2. Niels Albert 78
3. Kevin Pauwels 75
4. Klaas Vantornout 70
5. Bart Aernouts 56
6. Rob Peeters 54
7. Lars van der Haar (Ned) 49
8. Bart Wellens 42
9. Julien Taramarcaz (Zwi) 27
10. Marcel Meisen (Dui) 22

One guy who won't be there, is Lars van der Haar. He DNF'ed after his tumble yesterday, and with good reason apparently.