[Resurrected] V90's 2012 U25 VDS Draft

Remember this game? Guess what I found when looking through my documents! The March 14 version of this game.

Can't remember if that was the last update of V90's fun game we got but it had enough data on it that all I had to do was fill in the blanks to find out who won..

Despite the temptation to hit the delete when I found I ended up in 51st, here's the final leaderboard:


So grats to Lopex! His team had Henao (1177) and Demare (700) the two best but also scored plenty of points from Bouhanni (400) Kelderman (270) Serry (210) De Vreese (200).

Brandon..... managed to get 2nd without Henao but he also had Demare and he got a swag of points from Quintana (586) Durbridge (499) Castroviejo (401) Viviani (270).

The rest of the results and scores etc etc you can find in the spreadsheet below. Please check for any errors, t'was a quick c+p from the vds site with some slight changes. Should be accurate.