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FSA DS: Still Making Tough Choices? Check Out Our Info Resources!

A quick guide to all that's been said about the World's Greatest Competition

Our in-house fantasy cycling competition, the FSA Directeur Sportif, is coming down to the wire, with the deadline at the end of this week. Since we opened the competition on February 4, I've done little more than cajole you guys into playing, but you guys, bless your hearts, have been cranking out the analysis, theory and strategerizing in many ways. Here is a rundown of all the info out there, to help you nail down those last, painful choices:

The Basics

Opening post: Welcome to the 2013 game!

Some advice on the ABCs, by sebastiandeluded

Picking a Women's Team:

Is this your first women's team? by Straw Dog

Using beer to make your team, by Omnevelnihil

Checking Out the Kids:

Five Fast Freshmen, by Vlaanderen90

Vlaanderen90's 2012 U25 draft, by RollinRollinRolland

The U26 Draft League, by Straw Dog

Picking Within Specific Point Values

Rating the 30-34 pointers, by bought with blood

Rating the 24-26 pointers, by bought with blood

Rating the 18-22 pointers, by bought with blood

Draft Leagues!

The U26 Draft League, by Straw Dog

VDS Draft League Aftermath, by RollinRollinRolland

VDS Draft League Opening, by RollinRollinRolland


Using beer to pick a men's team, by Omnevelnihil

High risk, high rewards, by Misterbob568