FSA DS - using Gifs to Guide Team Selection

Is putting the finishing touches to team selection got you into a state of


There are many sites on the net where cleverer people than I make and post gifs. They can be a useful distraction and stop off point during the working day when pondering the annual process of submitting a bound-to-be-average-despite-putting-in-a-little-time-and-effort FSA DS team.

After half an hour idled away looking at gifs the next thing you know they may have inspired an FSA DS Team.....

(For reasons best known to SBN not all the gifs seem to post properly up here, so continued as a comment.)

(One such site this poster visits regularly is ( twitter @GaysofsouthLDN ) - which as the name may suggest might not be everyone's cup of tea (or indeed safe for work half of the time) but makes me laugh (a lot on occasion). All the gifs came from there and they have been kind enough to allow wholesale lifting of the gifs posted therein)