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CX Worlds: Women LIVE

40 minute race (no of laps decided after lap 2)

The women's race is hyped as the big Vos vs. Compton showdown and let's hope it lives up to that because it could be a huge battle. Don't forget riders like Helen Wyman and Sanne Van Paasen though, they could benefit in the treacherous conditions.

Pappy Van Winkle Prediction : Marianne Vos

Riders interviewed by Podiumcafe get a well known victory-boost. And who was last interviewed? I really can't find any other rational reasons why Vos would win? It's not like she's a winning-machine or anything.

Official site , Startlist

Live video: 11:00 Local Louisville (17:00 CET , 03:00 AUS EDT)

Video: UCI / USACYCLING , Steephill , Sports-Livez , Cyclingfans , Procyclinglive