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2013 Track World Champs - Day 1 - LIVE!!!

Join us for Café chat as we watch the men's Kilo and Team Pursuit and the women's Individual Pursuit and Team Sprint. Info, links and above all, chat in great company!

Mike Hewitt

Are you as excited as I am? It's day 1 of the Track World Champs! Yesterday I gave you some general information, but here's the information specific to today. As always, if you're new to track, or to the Café, please come and chat with the track regulars in the comments - we'd love your company!

So, what's on today?

It's the men's Kilometre Time Trial and Team Pursuit, and the women's Team Sprint and Individual Pursuit. Please note, timings are approximate!

Belarus is 2 hours ahead of Central European Time, +3 ahead of GMT, +8 ahead of USA Eastern, +11 ahead of USA Pacific and 8 hours behind Sydney, Australia.

Belarus Race CET GMT



13:00 Men's TP - Qualifying 11:00 10am 5am
15:05 Women's IP - Quali 13:05 12:05 7:05
19:00 Women's TS - Quali 17:00 4pm 11am
19:15 Men's Kilo - Finals 17:15 4:15 11:15
20:45 Women's IP - Finals 18:45 5:45 12:45
21:10 Women's TS - Finals 19:10 6:10 1:10pm
21:20 Men's TP - Finals 19:20 6:20 1:20

Andrewp has found this excellent guide to the tv coverage in different countries here - and it'll also be streamed on the UCI's youtube (maybe just the evening sessions). Thankyou Andrew!

(Brits, BBC coverage is 16:00-19:00 GMT on Red Button and online (probably here) and 16:45-18:00 GMT on BBC2. If none of the links in the tv guide help, maybe streams might start appearing from 17:45 CET?)

My money's on Australia and Germany to retain their World titles in the men's Team Pursuit, and Team Sprint respectively, and Sarah Hammer (USA) to win the Individual Pursuit. Kilo? Not sure, but the reigning champ is Germany's Stefan Nimke, and he's not racing - New Zealand's Simon van Velthooven comes in as World Cup leader, but I guess Teun Mulder (Ned) is my bet.

All the startlists are on Tissot - and that's where results will go up too, and on the event website. Tissot's live scoring is here.