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2013 Track World Champs - Day 2 - LIVE!!!

The biggest track cycling event of the year - join us for Café chat as we watch the men's Scratch, Team Sprint & Individual Pursuit, & women's 500m, & GB v Aus in the women's Team Pursuit. Links, info, great conversation & Day 1 videos, right here!

Men's omnium scratch race, London 2012 Olympics
Men's omnium scratch race, London 2012 Olympics
Cameron Spencer

Day 2 of the Track Worlds, and it just gets better! Here's the information specific to today, and videos from yesterday's racing. As always, if you're new to track, or to the Café, please come and chat with the track regulars in the comments - we'd love your company, and sincerely enjoy answering any questions you may have!

What's on today?

For the women, it's the rematch of one of the most fun rivalries out there - GB v Australia in the women's Team Pursuit. Olympic silver medallists USA won't be racing, but both the Aussies and the Brits have been talking big in the lead-up to this (yay!). The other women's event is the 500m - no Anna Meares, but this will still be super-fast.

On the men's side, we've got lots of people's favourite event, the Individual Pursuit, as well as the Scratch race and the Team Sprint. Watch out especially for Scratch riders who will be transitioning to the road straight after this meet - there's still time to change your Virtual Directeur Sportif team!

For anyone who's new to track, here are some links to the wikipedia descriptions of the races - Individual Pursuit, Team Pursuit, 500m, Team Sprint, Scratch race - and if you have any questions, just ask!

How to watch

Belarus is 2 hours ahead of Central European Time, +3 ahead of GMT, +8 ahead of USA Eastern, +11 ahead of USA Pacific and 8 hours behind Sydney, Australia.

13:00 Men's IP - quali 11:00 10am 5am 2am
14:50 Women's TP - quali 12:50 11:50 6:50 3:50
16:20 Men's TS - quali 14:20 1:20pm 8:20 5:20
19:00 Women's 500m - final 17:00 4pm 11am 8am
20:00 Men's IP - finals 18:00 5pm 12 noon 9am
20:35 Women's TP - finals 18:35 5:35 12:35 9:35
20:50 Men's Scratch - final 18:50 5:50 12:50 9:50
21:25 Men's TS - final 19:25 6:25 1:25pm 10:25

Here's the full programme

Andrewp has found this excellent guide to the tv coverage in different countries here - and the evening sessions will be streamed on the UCI's youtube - coverage starts 10 minutes before the 500m in the table above. Thankyou Andrew!

It turned out that the UCI channel is inexplicably geo-restricted in the USA. No, we can't work it out either - but people found solutions yesterday, so if you can't find a way to watch, ask in the comments

All the startlists are on Tissot - and that's where results will go up too, and on the event website. Tissot's live scoring is here.

What happened on Day 1?

There are a HUGE number of videos on the UCI's youtube channel - pretty much every single race, in fact. But here are some key races you might enjoy:

Women's Individual Pursuit: Sarah Hammer (USA) v Amy Cure (Aus) racing for gold here; Nettie Edmondson (Aus) v Laura Brown (Can) racing for bronze here. Medal ceremony and winner's interview here.

Women's Team Sprint: Germany (Miriam Welte & Kristina Vogel) raced China (Shuang Guo & Jinjie Gong) for gold, while Australia (Kaarle McCulloch & Stephanie Morton) and Great Britain (Becky James and Vicky Williamson) raced for bronze. Here's the video of both those races (it went private) - and here's the winning ride and interview.

Men's Team Pursuit: The videos keep being private and not private

Men's kilo: Here's the winning ride, and here's the Medal ceremony and winner's interview

And here's a Day 1 highlights package - geo-restricted, so I can't see it in the UK, but who knows, you might be able to!