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2013 Track World Championships - Day 3 - LIVE!!!

Day 3, and the action doesn't stop! Today it's the women's scratch race, the qualifying round of the women's sprint, the men's keirin and points, and the first three rounds of the men's omnium - the flying lap, points race and elimination. And here's my biggest recommendation of the whole event - if you only watch one race, make it the elimination!

Bryn Lennon

As always, here's today's information, and videos from yesterday's racing. And, as ever, if you're new to track, or to the Café, please come and chat with the track regulars in the comments - we'd love your company, and sincerely enjoy answering any questions you may have!

What's on today?

Here are the wikipedia entries for today's races - Sprint & Keirin (both Sprint disciplines - both with a lot of tactical/psychological skills needed, and super-fast speed); Scratch and points race (the simpler and complicated endurance bunch races) and the omnium - flying lap is 1 lap of the track, points is a bunch race, and the elimination is AMAZING!!!

The timings are complicated today, and were all out of Day 2 anyway, so here's the timetable. Belarus is 2 hours ahead of Central European Time, +3 ahead of GMT, +8 ahead of USA Eastern, +11 ahead of USA Pacific and 8 hours behind Sydney, Australia - so the morning session starts at 1pm Belarus/11:00 CET/10am GMT/5am USA EST and 2am USA PST.

The evening session is streamed live on the UCI's youtube - except it might not be in your country, it's complicated. If it's not streamed, it SHOULD be shown on tv where you are - check out the tv guide - if not, ask people in the comments for suggestions of how to watch. The evening racing starts at at 19:00 Belarus - 17:00 CET/4pm GMT/11am USA EST and 8am USA PST.

All the startlists are on Tissot - and that's where results will go up too, and on the event website. Tissot's live scoring is here.

I was going to paste all the hundreds of videos from Day 2 in, but really, there are loads of them. Browse around the UCI youtube account to have a look - there are races, medal ceremonies, interviews and more - and anything else you need to know, just ask!