Need last-minute help with your FSA DS team? Ask the unicorns!


Deadline is almost have 27 riders on your team. Or 22. You're stuck between two 6-pointers. Or, you're going to be brilliant this year and pick Cav for 26 points--but wait, that's the same cost as Cancellara, and the Classics start tomorrow!!!!!

What to do? What to DO????

There, there. Stop pulling your hair out. We like good hair at Podium Cafe. Did you know the Cafe is under the protection of a pair of very helpful unicorns? Well, it is, and they are downright eager to help.

Pure of heart? You may wish to consult the White Unicorn. Not so much? Try the Black Unicorn. Go, ask, and they'll answer. No guarantees, but it can't hurt. Right?

Picture credit: By Barthélémy l’Anglais ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons