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*LIVE* Double Thread: FSA-DS Deadline Countdown Thread + Langkawi Climby Stage 3 *LIVE*

BONUS DOUBLE THREAD! This is the best day of the year!!!!

WHOO-HOO Bonus Double Thread!

FIRST. We got the deadline to submit new teams to the FSA-DS at 9pm, Pacific, midnight, Eastern, and 6am CET. Come join us and share your team and your hopes before they get totally crushed before February has run it's course!

Go play the Unicorn game with majope-especially if you have not finalized your team and double especially if you have submitted your team and have hopes for particular riders!

If you are stil having problems, check out RollinRollinRolland's last minute guide to making a VDS team here. Pay particular attention to Christmas gifts for yours truly. Though, really bike socks are not needed. I would like some RAM though. No for me. No not that. For Yes! My computer! I have no personal interest in RAM. None at all.

Guess how many mens and womens teams we'll end up with! Guess how many people besides Holdenmate pick Mark Cavendish!

SECOND. Right after the FSA-DS deadline passes we can open up a new window and go live to the Tour de Langkawi stage 3, which as you see below by the profile is one of the two climby stages of the race. Theo Bos will be nowhere near the finish on this one. Who do you think? Cycling Fever startlist is here. Stetina? Dyachenko? Jetse Bol? Jeffery Louder? Jackson Rodriguez? Pierre Rolland? My totally uninformed pick is Sergio Pardilla.

The video is hopefully a little less sketchy this stage compared to the last couple since fireworks should happen before the last five minutes.

Here's linkys to the stage from Steephill and CyclingFans. You choose.

Here's the course profile:


Looks like a nice test to a very interesting part of the world.

Now to get back to my FSA-DS teams....I am having hesitancy issues.