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HTFU and let's race in the snow: Oostmalle cx... the very last one. LIVE!

What are you talking about, no live races today? It's not cause the boys on the road can't cope that we're not gonna race. Sluitingsprijs Oostmalle, the very final race of the season... in the SNOOOOOOOW.

Balint Hamvas (

24: Oostmalle (GVA)


Type: forest
Previous podium: Albert, Stybar, Pauwels
TV: Sporza, 14h

Oostmalle. Sluitingsprijs - closing gp. I think I'm gonna cry a little. But at least they made the transition easy by scheduling the final cx race in the first cobbleweekend. Good folks. Anyway. On to Oostmalle, the final leg of the BPost (formerly GVA) series. If you click the map link, you see lots of little drawn trees (and a few giant tv's), so let's state that this is a forest race. The beige parts is Kempensand, which is fairly light and lies on a hard surface so it's not too difficult to ride on.

Website or this

And if you want some more good news, before the race Sven Nys announced that he'll continue to race for at least two more seasons, maybe even three. Hallelujah!