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Tour of Qatar Stage 1 LIVE

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Bryn Lennon

Kathara Cultural Village - Dukhan Beach 145.2 km

Time for the men to go play in the sand. Sheik Boonen of Qatar couldn't make it this year but the startlist is loaded with othe good sprinters and classics hardmen gearing up for the cobbles season.

Podiumcafe El Aurens Pick : Aidis Kruopis

Usually good for a surprise sprint win here and there, Kruopis has what it takes to be there at the front on a windy and nasty day.

Official site , Stageinfo , Startlist

Live video: 12:30 CET (22:30 AUS EDT , 06:30 US EST)

Video: Al Jazeera ,( Steephill , Sports-Livez , Cyclingfans , Procyclinglive)