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Time to show off those rainbows: Krawatencross Lille

I know, I know. You're all thinking about VDS and road races and damnit will Boonen still be worth it at *that* price? But if you want a moment to take your mind of all your troubles, I have just the thing for you: cyclocross. Cause it ain't over yet.

Mike Theunissen showing off his new kit, Lille.
Mike Theunissen showing off his new kit, Lille.
Balint Hamvas (

So, for today we move to the province of Antwerp, for the Krawatencross.

Type: sand, forest
Previous podium: Meeusen, Stybar, Pauwels
TV: Sporza, 15h

I like the Krawatencross in Lille. It's a fun race, even though it's maybe nothing special to some people. They race the banks of the lake, close enough to the water to almost justify pedaloes. They then turn into the forest, which is also fun. And last year it snowed, which was triple fun. I know this has been a winter softer than a lovestruck teddybear, but there's still hope. Let's live on hope! Plus, it'll be the first time the new world champions get to show off their stripes.


Niels Albert is still leading the B-post thingy, and by quite the margin too. If he doesn't crash out it's his, so as to overall excitement there's not too much left yet. But I bet you Sven Nys will be keen to show off his shiny new rainbow kit. Wouldn't you?