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Support Your Cafe! [Our Annual Petty Cash Fundraiser]

It's time for our spring pledge drive! Only with no phones ringing in the background. No long-running spiel about all the horrors of what will happen if you don't contribute. Just one lousy post... and celebrities!

Patrick Verhoest

As you can see from above Tommeke loves us. So does Taylor:


And of course Tyler


And who else? Helen Wyman, and her famous CX cobble:


Anyone else?


Ah George, you were a good guy to chat with. Probably still are. OK, you get the point. We get around. Or at least, a piece of paper with our name on it does. But hey, it's all part of the community.

And you know what else is part of the community? The little projects we come up with every year to add to the fun. Last year with your donations we paid for a few visits to races, which kind of adds up in a hurry, and maybe isn't as much fun as other years. But in the past we have used your donations to make clothes, send people to Vegas, buy equipment (recorders and such) and keep things running at the usual top level.

This year? One thing we will definitely be doing is the long-awaited Podium Cafe cycling cap order! The hangup with caps is that it's hard to find people to do small runs of caps -- ask your local club how many of them they have lying around. Chances are it's either zero or way too many. But Ant1 is a man who knows how to get things, and with his help we will be doing a very reasonable cap order, and one which results in really nice caps to boot. So stay tuned on that.

What can you do to help? Please consider sending us a donation via Paypal using the recipient email of podiumcafe[at] All donations of $35 or more will be eligible to receive a PdC Tee Shirt from our PdC Collection! See them here. If Paypal doesn't suit you, please email me at Chris[at] and we can make alternate arrangements. Thank you so much! Your support is really appreciated and part of what keeps the Awesome at max levels all year long!