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8 Romain Gijssels vs 9 Achiel Buysse

Everyone loves an 8-9 matchup...

Romain Gijssels

Cobbles Credentials: Became the first Belgian and second rider ever to win the Flanders-Roubaix double in 1932. He won Bordeaux-Paris -- routinely over 500km -- that same year. Also in 1933 he became the first rider to win consecutive Tours of Flanders.

DId you know? Eh... these old guys, I don't have a ton of information.

Achiel Buysse

Cobbles Credentials: One of five treble-winners of de Ronde, taking the title in 1940, 41 and 43. His best finish in Paris-Roubaix was fourth.

DId you know? All of his victories were during WWII, when the race was allowed to continue, spawning claims of collaboration in later years.