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6 Eric Leman vs 11 Peter Van Petegem

Eric Leman

Cobbles Credentials: Won the Ronde van Vlaanderen three times, joining that prestigious group, beating several guys in this bracket. After that, some wins in races like K-B-K and Dwars.

DId you know? Is there anything to know about Leman? Was he a fluke winner?

Peter Van Petegem

Cobbles Credentials: Best known for his Flanders-Roubaix Double in 2003, Van Petegem was a cobbles specialist in an era of increasing specialty. He won another Flanders title earlier (1999), plus an E3 Prijs and three editions of the Omloop Het Volk (as it was then known).

DId you know? De Peet owns a B&B and runs a cyclosportive named after him.