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7 Gaston Rebry vs 10 Briek Schotte

Oohh, tough one!

Gaston Rebry

Cobbles Credentials: Did the Double in 1934, and registered three Paris-Roubaix wins in a span of five years, earning him the original "Mr Paris-Roubaix" title.

DId you know? His other nicknames include the Locomotive and the Tempo Executioner. In other words, he was the Fabian Cancellara of his time.

Briek Schotte

Cobbles Credentials: A different sort of resume, including only two Flanders wins, but a record 20 participations, which earned him nicknames like "the Iron Brick" and "the Last Flandrien." So yeah, people held him in pretty high esteem around the cobbles.

DId you know? His best Paris-Roubaix finish was fifth. I guess a true Flandrien doesn't really like venturing out of Flanders.