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2 Roger De Vlaeminck vs 15 Raymond Impanis

Somewhere Roger De Vlaeminck is trying to figure out a way to cast multiple ballots...

Roger De Vlaeminck

Cobbles Credentials: The other "Mr Paris-Roubaix" owns four titles in the Hell of the North, as well as one Tour of Flanders -- in 1977, shortly after taking second in MSR. He has nine podium finishes in Roubaix. Also won two Omloops, an E3 and a Scheldeprijs. In 69 classics (cobbles and otherwise), he finished in the top five 32 times.

DId you know? Also known as the Gypsy, and the guy who won't shut up about the current riders, De Vlaeminck won his share of 'Cross races in his spare time.

Raymond Impanis

Cobbles Credentials: Another of the prestigious Flanders-Roubaix Double Club. Impanis only won each race that one time, in 1954, but also scored two Gent-Wevelgems and finished 16 editions of Paris-Roubaix. In 1947, at age 21, he won the longest individual time trial in Tour de France history -- 137km.

DId you know? Known as the Baker from Berg -- yes, he was from a town known simply as Berg.