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1 Tom Boonen vs 16 Stijn Devolder

Tornado Tom Boonen

Cobbles Credentials: Really? You have to ask? Really?

DId you know? Number of Omloop Het Volk/Niewsblad wins: Zero.

Stijn Devolder

Cobbles Credentials: Double winner of that Tour of Flanders race, plus he won the Three Days of De Panne in 2005 (when Boonen was otherwise winning most everything he entered).

What would be fun? To bring back that 2008-9 Devo onto a different team than Quickstep so the two of them could have faced off. Alternately, have Devo not be on US Postal from 2004-7 so we could have truly seen him concentrate on his home races for most of his career. This could have been a GREAT rivalry.