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#6 Bjorn Leukemans vs #11 Johan Vansummeren

#6 Bjorn Leukemans

Cobbles Credentials: Your basic solid veteran on the downside of his career, probably hit his peak in 2010 & 11.

2010: 2nd, 7th, 4th, 6th, and 7th at (in order) DdV, E3, Ronde, P-R, and Brabantse Pijl. That's impressive.

2011: 7th, 13th, 2nd, 7th, and 9th at the Ronde, P-R, Brabant, Amstel, and L-B-L. Yeah, last two aren't cobbles but, again, seriously nice spring there.

DId you know? No wins in anything like a World Tour race. In it's own weird way, THAT is just amazing for such a talented rider.

#11 Johan Vansummeren

Cobbles Credentials: The number of riders who avoid Paris-Roubaix are many and talented. Even various cobbles warriors have a hard time dealing with this race. Then there's Johan here. He's all about P-R. Look for top 10 results in ANY race for Johan not named Paris-Roubaix and you are gonna be...wait a minute! What do we have here? He won the Tour of Poland-yes the overall-in 2007 over Bobo! Amazing. Then there's a couple top 10 placings in the National Championships and a 3rd at Beverbeek Classic when he was a young 'un. Outside of those...zilch.

But put him in Paris-Roubaix and he's money with his win in 2011 only fitting. Last year he was 9th, in 2009 he was 5th, and 8th in 08. Damn fine riding, giraffe-boy.

What would be fun? To see Johan take on his teammates in a quick pickup basketball game.