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#1 Fabian Cancellara vs #16 Thomas Voeckler

#1 Fabian Cancellara

Cobbles Credentials: Really? You have to ask? Really?...part deux.

DId you know? Number of Omloop Het Volk/Niewsblad wins: Zero. Am I repeating myself here? hehe. We are very lucky to have the rivalry of Boonen vs Cancellara. It could have easily not happened at all. Bad coaching could have derailed either of them like say what happened with Devo (at least in part). Or Sparticus here could have just steered away from the belgian spring much like fellow chronoman T-Mart has done. Or they could have been on the same team. But none of those things happened and our lives are richer for it.

#16 Thomas Voeckler

Cobbles Credentials: A wild card #16 seed? Not really. Tommy is an example of a potentially great Cobbles rider who was, um, too French. We can make fun of him mugging for the camera and all but obviously he's a very versatile, very talented rider. He won Brabantse Pijl last year while also placing 4th at Paris-Roubaix ABD 8th at the Ronde. Then he wins the spotty jersey at that other Tour, the Grand one. That's a pretty wide skill set folks. He'll be 34 in June and he's still better than 99% of the peloton.

What would be fun? Imagine his career concentrating on the cobbles. Wow. This could have been a GREAT rivalry with Cancellara and Boonen.