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#2 Peter Sagan vs #15 Daniel Oss

Former teammates now bitter bitter enemies! Ha! Well maybe not bitter but both are showing things this year the promise years of good cobbles results. Of occurs with The President of Fastvakia, we may be seeing the beginnings of a ruthless dictatorship.

No need to put down the results. for Sagan. For Oss, he's seizing on an opportunity with Ballan injured, Gilbert not particularly interested or something, and Phinney not yet ready to handle a full-on cobbles season? It's Oss and GVA leading team BMC this year and both look versatile enough to make big things happen.

Just 26, Oss has shown glimmers of greatness in the few chances with Liquigas when he was allowed to go for results for himself. In 2010 a 5th at G-W and 28th at the Ronde and 23rd at MSR. He's been riding the cobbles since 2009 so he's no tourist with no knowledge of the courses.