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#5 Filippo Pozzato vs #12 Sebastien Turgot

#5 Filippo Pozatto

Cobbles Credentials: A long and winding career the could have been better and still could be better (though who am I to judge?) He's "only" won two Cobbles races: Het Volk in 07 and E3 in 08. (Got a MSR win too.) Of course there's a bunch of podiums in all the big Cobbles races. Since leaving Quick Step after 2007 he's usually been a one-man team, meaning his wheel sucking tactics were almost as much for necessity as anything else. Sometimes he just looks unbeatable.

#12 Sebastien Turgot

Cobbles Credentials: Until last year his career was pretty nondescript: a middling racer on a middling French team. Then he caught fire with an 8th at Scheldeprijs (meh) and a 2nd at Paris-Roubais (WOW!) Was he just having a good week? Possibly not. He hasn't had a similar placing as that P-R result but this year he's been solid: 18th at the Omloop, 15th at MSR, 12th at DdV, 10th at E3. With Voeckler, Europcar has a nice under the radar Classics pairing. He's not young-he turns 29 in a few days-but he could have a nice couple of years ahead of him.