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#6 Luca Paolini vs #11 Lars Boom

#6 Luca Paolini

Cobbles Credentials: Sneaky little guy ain't he? Won Omloop this year. Also won Brabantse Pijl waaaaaaaay back in 2004. Funny career what with the drugs investigations and all, but really has the mentality of a great Plan B type of rider like Chavanel. Of course Katusha doesn't have a Plan A so Luca is it. Easy to overloop-to the rest of the peloton's regret.

DId you know? Number of Omloop Het Volk/Niewsblad wins: Zero.

#11 Lars Boom

Cobbles Credentials: A solid season this year would send the Large Bomb shooting up the seeding rankings but...I'm sure not feeling it. Got the talent. Maybe he needs to get away from that $%^%##@# Rabolanco management? That would be "yes".