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#7 Juan Antonio Flecha vs #10 Niki Terpstra

#7 Juan Antonio Flecha

Cobbles Credentials: The only Spanish rider in this competition, he's back doing the same thing he's done every year since the dawn of time: ride strong and have a poor finish. Actually got away and won the Omloop in 2010-Sky's first cobbles race. Just a fixture at P-R and de Ronde, he's like the springboard that others launch themselves to victory.

#10 Niki Terpstra

Cobbles Credentials: I wonder what Chavanel's career would have been like if he had not joined OPQS. With his teammate here, I don't wonder: the move to OPQS was exactly the right move for him. Won DdV last year along with 5th at P-R, 6th at de Ronde, 5th at the Bread race. Perhaps the best signing of the year. This year he's not quite as strong but he's not far off last year's pace either.