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#8 Edvald Boasson Hagen vs #9 Thor Hushovd

Eh, both of these Norwegians for different reasons should be higher. Very existential. They would be if they won a racer sometime soon.

#8 Edvald Boasson Hagen

Cobbles Credentials: The Great New Cobbles Sensation in 2009 with his Gent-Wevelgem win, there have been no more cobbles wins since (and fewer any wins then we expected back in 2009). Big, strong, solid, fast closer, yes, yes, yes. Can't help but think that being on Sky is not helping him. This is true even though his VDS and CQ points keep going up. Will turn 26 in May and is no longer The Kid.

#9 Thor Hushovd

Cobbles Credentials: Been around a long time (since 99) now. Got a couple of cobbles wins- G-W in 06 and Omloop in 09. Been in countless finales. Can he come back this year? Honestly every year is now possibly The Last Year.

If you ahd to pick his best years I would take his two years with Cervelo. Good solid team with Haussler and several other versatile cobbles guys he won Worlds, placed 2nd at P-R and 6th at MSR in 10, while in 09 he was 3rd at MSR, 4rd at E3, and 3rd at P-R (and won the green jersey at the Tour). So close, yet so good too. Of course he's had several other podiums and top 5's.