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2 Francesco Moser vs. 15 Marc Madiot

Francesco Moser

Cobbles Credentials: The Sheriff won three consecutive editions of Paris-Roubaix, from 1978-80, long after the race had regained its horrible footing. That was after two seconds and before a pair of thirds. His Flanders credentials include two seconds. In 1979 he won Gent-Wevelgem four days before his second Roubaix triumph.

DId you know? His name means "applesauce," which he often joked about having in his legs. As in mush. Given that he won a Giro, a world title and a million other races, that's some serious sandbagging.

Marc Madiot

Cobbles Credentials: Two wins in the senior Paris-Roubaix, as well as one U23 victory there. Madiot was one of the original Paris-Roubaix specialists, of which we've seen a few more of late. Both of the senior wins were massive solo efforts, including my favorite, the 1985 slop-fest when Moser himself was last seen sliding off the Carrefour de l'Arbe.

DId you know? Madiot, in addition to being renowned as the manager of FDJ and the screamer of legendary encouragement to his charges, was awarded the French Legion of Honor for his many contributions to the sport.