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7 Fausto Coppi vs. 10 Gilbert Duclos-Lasalle

Fausto Coppi

Cobbles Credentials: il Campionissimo didn't dwell on the cobbles as much as most of the guys on this list, and sports a lone victory, in the 1950 Paris-Roubaix. But that one victory was won in dominant fashion, with a 45km solo effort that gained him so much time on his rivals that he was done showering by the time they arrived. The previous year he sacrificed his chances so his brother Serse could win (controversially). Two years later, after Serse's tragic death, Coppi hammered away at Rik Van Steenbergen for the last hour, trying to avoid losing in a sprint, to no avail.

DId you know? Coppi didn't ride in Flanders at all, really. I see no record of him finishing de Ronde, despite its favoring the climbers.

Gilbert Duclos-Lasalle

Cobbles Credentials: Another of the Paris-Roubaix specialists (not a bad occupation for a Frenchman), Gibus won his two titles in the Hell of the North at ages 37 and 38. Plus a Bordeaux-Paris from back in his earlier years.

DId you know? Apparently there's a bridge on the Paris-Roubaix route named after him.