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3 Sean Kelly vs. 14 Andrea Tafi

Sean Kelly

Cobbles Credentials: Two wins and a third at Paris-Roubaix for the great Irishman, along with three seconds at the Tour of Flanders. Which is positively bizarre given his skillset. But in his heyday in the mid-80s he achieved six podiums in eight starts at the two cobbled monuments, plus a Gent-Wevelgem win for good measure.

Did you know? Kelly is another guy who won practically everything you can think of... except Flanders.

Andrea Tafi

Cobbles Credentials: Il Gladiatore was another of the big, strong Paris-Roubaix specialists, and as a member of the famed Mapei squad he didn't always get to win. But he stormed away for the victory in 1999, and added a Flanders to his palmares in 2002, at age 35.

Did you know? Delivered one of the all-time great Flanders quotes when he said "Only those who are in top condition can say that the Ronde is not hard. For everyone else, it's the Way of the Cross."