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8 Henri Pelissier vs. 9 Maurice Garin

Henri Pelissier

Cobbles Credentials: Won the 1919 and 1921 editions of Paris-Roubaix, when the entire landscape was still blown to smithereens. Not the easiest editions.

DId you know? Pelissier's first victory involved hopping on a train... and out the other side. The train was parked and blocking the route, and Pelissier became infuriated when told that Honore Barthelemy was about to catch him at the stoppage. Was eventually murdered by a jealous lover.

Maurice Garin

Cobbles Credentials: Another double-winner, the second and third editions in 1987 and 1898, after taking second in the inaugural run.

DId you know? Garin, like Pelissier, is famous for maybe having cheated, namely hopping on a train and staying there for a while. But then, few riders in history generate legends as frequently as Garin. He is said to have been sold by his (Italian) parents to a French home for a wheel of cheese. He is also said to have risen from the grave in search of the brains of modern-day riders. One thing we know, he won the first Tour de France, then lived out his life at the gas station he bought.