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1 Jan Raas vs. 16 Louison Bobet

Jan Raas

Cobbles Credentials: The most accomplished Dutch rider in terms of Cobbled results, with two Flanders wins, one Paris-Roubaix, three E3 victories, two K-B-Ks, one Paris-Brussels and a Het Volk. He was on the Flanders and Roubaix podiums a combined six times in his six best years.

DId you know? "Raas" is Dutch for rage, not race. Rage might actually be more befitting a cobbles stud. People sometimes refer to the Amstel Gold Raas after he won five editions over six years.

Louison Bobet

Cobbles Credentials: When he wasn't winning Le Tour, Bobet was racking up some solid cobbles results, including wins in Flanders (1956) and Roubaix (1957), plus a second in Roubaix the previous year, just barely keeping Bobet from the prestigious doubles club.

DId you know? "Zonzon" Bobet was almost impossible to be around during a race, thanks to his neurotic personality, and the interwebs abound with unflattering stories.