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4 Octave Lapize vs. 5 Heiri Suter

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Octave Lapize

Cobbled Credentials Again Please?

Won three consecutive editions of Paris-Roubaix (1909-1911) at a time when the Tour of Flanders didn't yet exist. Also took three editions of Paris-Brussels in that time frame.

Tournament Mojo

Gave Hennie Kuiper one of the few beatings of his life in round 1. Easily the coolest sounding name in this bracket (sorry Jan Raas).

Heiri Suter

Cobbled Credentials Again Please?

The first man ever to achieve the Flanders-Roubaix Double, in 1923, and the only non-Belgian to ever do so until his countryman Cancellara matched Suter in 2010.

Tournament Mojo

Drew an easy first round matchup with Peter Post, a sort of less likeable Walter Godefroot.