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#4 Sylvain Chavanel vs #5 Filippo Pozatto

Ah. Now this is where things start to get interesting. In one corner you got the 4th seeded Chavanel, winner by a 43-6 decision over Oscar Gatto. Syl of course has had a solid Cobbles career including three medium/minor wins at DdV, De Panne, and Brabantse and a slew of top 10's, but without that major win to top off his career. Therein lies the opening for...

In the other corner 5th seeded Filippo Pozzato who dispatched 12th seed upstart Sebastian Turgot. Pippo's got two medium level wins himself in Het Volk and E3 but, like Chavanel, has yet to taste from the victory cup of winning a major Cobbles race even tough he's also had a slew of top 10 and podium finishes.

Like I said, a very even match here. This one could go a full 15 rounds. Maybe Boonen should ref?