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#3 Greg Van Avermaet vs #11 Johan Vansummeren

Oh this is easy! We all know Van Avermaet should advance here, right? GVA was the only rider to shut out his opponent on the opening round, crushing Vantomme 54-0. Ouch. (How do you say ouch in Flemmish?)

Against GVA comes 11th seeded Johan Vansummeren-one of only two double digit seeds remaining. Johan pulled the workman-like upset of Bjorn Leukemans 41-18.

No contest, right?

Not so fast my friend! The Giraffe has got that Paris-Roubaix win and GVA? Zip. Nada. No cobbles wins. At. All. Minor or major wins: nothing. Yeah, GVA has more top 10 placings in several different cobbles races but no wins.

So who you gonna choose?