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GP de Dottignies - and other nice links

The women's Ronde van Vlaanderen is never followed by a rest day. Instead it's straight on to the mini cobbles at Dottignies, where more than a few riders have been blooded. Read how Sarah Storey coped in 2010, and be sure that Laura Trott is in for a shock.

There are a couple of English previews that are so good that I'm just saying to read Cyclopunk and Velofocus, and bookmark them for further reference this season. The head over to the official site to see the massive start list. That's the other notable thing about Dottignies, the fact that they try to get as close as possible to the UCI 200 rider limit. I'm not going to say that yesterday was the equivalent of touch rugby, more that today is a bit like the annual staff v teachers match. When your Maths teacher was a one-time British Lion.

There may be a bit of video from the roadside, but to follow the race live watch out for tweets from the usual suspects, plus Breast Cancer Care Cycling Team were active race tweeters during their previous life as For Viored, so keep an eye on @BCC_CT.

Elsewhere it is round 2 of the Coupe de France Capdet-Raynal in Pujols, so anyone interested should follow Gwena. And Sportissimo have put their one hour video from the Trofeo Binda on line. Where else can you get a race introduced over the sounds of the National Anthem played by a band of crack Italian snipers. With feathers in their hats. And if you've got time to kill, then that You Tube is a great one to explore. Enjoy for example Fabiana Luperini and Tibco boss Linda Jackson getting their pink jersies from a pair of matching himbos in the 1998 Giro Donne. With dignity.

And if you have any interesting and vaguely relevant links then add them below.