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Flandrien Faceoff! Round Three Starts Now...

Round 2 is in the books, and it's time to start separating the cream from the... ever so slightly less creamy.

Fotoreporter Sirotti

Whereas in Round 1 interesting matchups were the exception (in a field of mostly one-sided affairs), round 2 was really hard-fought in most cases and left us with a battle-tested Sweet 16.

  • All four top seeds cruised to victory, with only Jan Raas under 90% of the vote, probably a function of facing a popular, un-dead opponent.
  • Monument wins are currency, as Nick Nuyens and Johan Van Summeren proved, each adding another upset to their palmares. Sorry Sep and Greg. The New Flandriens bracket is the only one where double-digit seeds have advanced.
  • Three of the four brackets were either completely on seedings or within a whisker of doing so, with Rik II taking out Rik I for a very minor upset in the Oude Vlaamse region, and even there "upset" is not very accurate, with Rik II looking dominant in his first round matchup and carrying the momentum into a surprisingly decisive stoemping of Rik 1.

Full Round 2 coverage here.

On to Round 3! Here are the remaining regions.





Several of these matchups look interesting for a variety of reasons. First, De Vlaeminck will have to break a sweat this time. And if anyone can stop Eddy, it's the hot underdog Rik II. Moser vs Kelly gives us our least theoretical matchup in the retired brackets. Sagan vs Ballan and Van Summeren vs Gilbert puts the Monument Wins vs Sexy Profile matchup on the line again.

As always, we will post a stream with the vote posts, due shortly. Let's finish this up by midnight Wednesday so we can have our Final Four by the weekend. Thanks!