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2 Francesco Moser vs 3 Sean Kelly

Francesco Moser

Cobbled Credentials Again Please?

The Sheriff won three consecutive editions of Paris-Roubaix, from 1978-80, long after the race had regained its horrible footing. That was after two seconds and before a pair of thirds. His Flanders credentials include two seconds. In 1979 he won Gent-Wevelgem four days before his second Roubaix triumph.

Tournament Mojo

Back-to-back wins over French riders, as the Sheriff rounded up the stern Gilbert Duclos-Lasalle following his equally quality win over Marc Madiot in the opening round.

Sean Kelly

Cobbled Credentials Again Please?

Two wins and a third at Paris-Roubaix for the great Irishman, along with three seconds at the Tour of Flanders. Which is positively bizarre given his skillset. But in his heyday in the mid-80s he achieved six podiums in eight starts at the two cobbled monuments, plus a Gent-Wevelgem win for good measure.

Tournament Mojo

Slew another Italian, Fiorenzo Magni, after taking out Andrea Tafi in Round 1. Funny how these guys seem to be taking on entire countries.

It's not entirely fair to say that Kelly and Moser were contemporaries, with Moser winning three Paris-Roubaix titles from '78-80 while Kelly took two titles from 84-86. It would be unfair to look at Kelly's wins, with an aging Moser hanging around (or not, as in 1985 when he slid into a ditch after an attack) and say Kelly was better. Yes, by then he was better.