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1 Fabian Cancellara vs 4 Sylvain Chavanel

Fabian Cancellara

Cobbled Credentials Again Please?

Won the Tour of Flanders twice, won Paris-Roubaix twice, won E3 thrice. He is coming, he sees, and he conquers.

Tournament Mojo

Power is as power does, Spartacus stomped all over the poor God of Thunder in round 2, 60-4.

Sylvain Chavanel

Cobbled Credentials Again Please?

Won Brabantse Pijl once, won Dwars door Vlaanderen once. 2nd at Flanders once, 2nd at DdV once.

Tournament Mojo

Surprisingly strong dusting of and evenly matched Pozzato in round 2, 42-18.


Is Sylvain the one who can stop Fabian's march to the Final Four? Or will this contest end up like last Sunday?