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1 Fabian Cancellara vs 3 Alessandro Ballan

In the comments say which is more likely, Ballan beating Cance here or someone-anyone-beating Spartacus on Sunday.

Fabian Cancellara

Cobbled Credentials Again Please?

Won the Tour of Flanders twice, won Paris-Roubaix twice, won E3 thrice. He is coming, he sees, and he conquers.

Tournament Mojo

Power is as power does, Spartacus! Last round he kicked fan fave #4 Sylvain Chavanel to the curb 69-7. L-ouch. 2nd round saw Fabian stomp all over the poor God of Thunder in round 2, 60-4. Round 1 saw Cance change the channels on #16 TV Tommy Voeckler 61-7. The outcome of all of these matches was never in doubt.

Alessandro Ballan

Cobbled Credentials Again Please?

Won Tour of Flanders once. Won Driedaasge De Panne once. Three-count em-three 3rd places at Paris-Roubaix. 2nd at E3 once. 3rd at Flanders last year.

Tournament Mojo

True to his strong but not fast persona, Al outlasted #2 Peter Sagan last round 50-33. The currently injured Ballan took out 6 Luca Paolini in the second round, 42-14. Round 1 saw Ballan prevail over unlimited untold numbers of Sky drones 41-15.


Nice match here. You can just see the two of them entering the Roubaix velodrome together, can't you? And the outcome?